I knew of the “Blue Ridge” near Washington DC.  But I did not know there was a “Blue Mountains” in Australia.  We learned of this wonderful area when we came to Australia.  A short drive from Sydney, this beautiful area was well worth a day’s trip on a tour we took. 

As our fascinating tour driver told us, these mountains really are hills to be honest – about 1100Km.  Nevertheless they are gorgeous.  They get their name because when the sun is shining bright – mostly in the summer (and not really on the cloudy day we visited there!) – the “mountains” cast a blue shade.  Almost entirely, our very funny driver “Brett” (a six generation Aussie) told us the mountains are covered by Eucalyptus trees.  That makes them not only pretty but of course makes them smell very nice.

As you will see in some of the pictures, at some of the vistas, the views are simply stunning.  Our driver had the skill of finding spots where we could get great views, despite the not-such-good weather.  It was cloudy nearly day.  But he would drive a little crazy and race ahead of the could to find outlooks just when the clouds would clear.  We learned later that a bus behind us, with many other people than the eight on our bus drove all day and never had a view without being covered by clouds.  So we got our money’s worth!

As you can see, some of the views were of stunning Canyons (one of my friends who had visited there likened it to Grand Canyon – not quite that good, but still wonderful.  It is not as deep as Grand Canyon, nor as stunning, but still beautiful).  At this location we also saw a beautiful waterfall reminiscent of Yosemite, but again not as stunning as the one there.

Probably our sighting of the day was when suddenly in front of our bus two kangaroos in the wild bounded in front of our bus.  We stopped and watched them for a short while.  Our driver reported that they were females and had two “Joeys” in their poaches.  It is hard to see them in the short video I took, but if you look closely you may see one of them.  You will clearly hear our Aussie driver talking about them, though.