No trip to Australia could be complete it seems (at least to us) without seeing the amazing animals of Australia.  I feel for years I have seen and heard of them, and they seem so exotic, and maybe once or twice you see some of them in the better Zoos: Kangaroos, Koalas, etc.  So on the last full day in Australia we had to see natural Australia, and see some of these animals!

But I think nothing could have prepared us, at least that is my reaction, for seeing an entire wildlife park full of animals that seem to be entirely different than any we’d normally see in U.S. zoo or wildlife park.

The park we visited (Featherdale Park) was about an hour outside of Sydney, and was the last stop on a longer day-long trip to the fabulous “Blue Mountains” (more on that later).  It apparently was once an animal rescue park, but now has a collection of many native Aussie animals.  There we saw: Koala Bears, Kangaroo, Wallabee, Wombats, Emu, Tasmanian Devils, Dingos, Greater Bilby, Wombats and many species of birds.

Many people have seen Koalas I presume and know how cute they are, and how they just like to sleep in trees and be cute like this.  But I happened to capture a moment when one of them woke up and got spunky and tried to walk out of his enclosure, startling the homosapiens, but the keeper came quickly and picked him up as you will see in this short video [].

The Kangaroo are all over the place and friendly with the humans and love to be fed and you can see that Shirley pet one and fed them.

But shortly she was startled by a huge Emu who decided it would eat the rest of the food Shirley had.

Although it was fun to see the Kangaroo up close, feed them, and even pet them, it was even better to see them out in the wild, as I wrote about in the other post about the Blue Mountains.

The Dingos were very cute, especially their babies (they look a lot like dogs, but apparently they do not bark).

We enjoyed seeing our first Tasmanian Devil.  Frankly, folks he did not look like the one in the cartoon, and did move as fast, but it is true he did not stop moving!

I have to say the Wombat is one of the weirdest and ugliest looking animals I have ever seen.

The “Flying Foxes” looked to us more like bats than pretty little Foxes of course.

I loved all the birds, and of course my boys know that I love birds.

In short, we loved seeing all the amazing animals of Australia.  It felt as if we were on another planet in some ways because we felt we correctly placed in an animal shelter or zoo, but all the animals just did seem like any we were used to seeing!  And of course that was so true.  We were told that Darwin loved visiting Australia, and I can see why.