As some of you know, Shirley and I are starting the longest overseas trip of our lives.  We left Friday June 21st from St. Louis, and took a very early morning flight from St. Louis to Chicago.  Then we had a very long 5-hour layover until we got on an Asiana airlines flight from Chicago to Seoul, South Korea.  That flight took 13 hours, and we landed (after crossing the dateline) at 4 pm Seoul time.  We slept on the plane so we were pretty rested.  But it took three hours to get to the hotel.  So all things considered it was a 22-hour trip from door-to-door, or almost 24-hours if you count the time when we left our house in St. Louis.

We are traveling part for work, part for R&R.  The first week we are at a conference on Gerontology, the IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics meetings.  Tim's University sent about 20 people here, including the Chancellor and Tim's Dean, and we had a pre-meeting Saturday to kick off a Global Aging Initiative led by the campus.  We leave here after a week and then spend a week in Australia, resting and relaxing, perhaps visiting the Great Barrier Reef.  Then we spend the last week in Sydney, Australia, where both Shirley and I attend the IHEA meetings (which stands for International Health Economics Association).  We are both delivering papers/presentations at both meetings.

I am thinking I will try to post updates on the trip and pictures just for fun and for the family, as I go along.  So this is the first post.  Two pictures for now.  One is of the Korean flight attendants from Asiana Airlines getting ready for us in Chicago.  Note how prim and proper they are.  The other is a picture from our hotel room in Seoul.