Today (6/25) Shirley and I continued to attend conference events at the IAGG conference.  Tim presented his paper at a session in the morning, chaired by his Dean Eddie Lawlor.  The session seemed to go very well.  Eddie presented the first paper, Tim the second, Prof. Naoki Ikegami from Japan the third paper, and Prof Terry Lum from Hong Kong the final paper.  It was a wonderful overview of problems in long-term care systems in at least three countries across the world.  

Below I post a nice picture of Shirley and me in front a conference poster that is being used by many to signify being here at the conference.  

While we took a break at the conference, and sat in the Exhibition Hall, some wonderful Korean teenagers performing on drums gave a few short performances.  I taped about a minute of their performance and posted it on Facebook and I hope you can view the video from this link:

Last night, Shirley and I enjoyed our second wonderful meal of our favorite Korean food, "Bulgogi" at a restaurant that I gather specializes in the food, "Bulgogi Brothers".  See the presentation laid out in front of Shirley as we start to enjoy the meal!  Tonight we go out to eat again.  Like you will find in most Asian countries, eating out is an amazing event.