Day 4 (6/26) of IAGG included more presentations and a dinner for the conference.

Shirley presented her paper at the conference in the afternoon, and it went well!   She presented a paper on pharmaceutical drug switching (from brand to generic), for elders.  This is the same paper she will present at IHEa in a week or so.  So the good news is that when she is done she can submit it for publication.  She has been working very hard on this.  The presentation went well, Shirley thinks.  She got good comments and it will improve the paper.

Tim has been attending sessions on diabetes, which is good for his work in the diabetes Center.  There is some excellent work being done in Europe on this.

We attended the conference dinner Wednesday night, and we were very pleasantly delighted at how nice this was.  Not only was the food great (and well worth the price charged, which was pricey), but we had great company.  Our colleague from WashU, Carolyn Baum attended and she was delightful company as usual.  She and Shirley are getting acquainted, which is wonderful.  Shirley is learning a lot about what the excellent program in OT at WashU is doing.  An unexpected delight is that we met three amazing, brilliant, and engaging geriatric physicians from Amsterdam, who told us all about geriatric medicine in Holland.  These women were delightful company. 

But perhaps the most unexpected delight was the evening's entertainment.  We first were delightfully exposed to a wonderful troop of Korean men and women aged perhaps 50+ to 80+ who entertained us with Korean and English songs.  They were so spry and alive it was great to see.  Then, the rest of the entertainment was from an amazing troop called "Little Angels", who I think were age 6-18.  They performed songs, a wonderful and traditional fan dance, a one-act play, and then some delightful songs that included "Waltzing Matilda" all the way to songs from "Sounds of Music" believe it or not.  I am going to post some partial clips if I can, of part of the fan dance, the amazing drum performance, and a rather amusing Yodeling song.  Enjoy.

Find a short clip of the Little Angel Drummers/Dancer here.

Find a short clip of the Little Angel Fan Dancers here.

And find a short clip of the Little Angels singing and yodeling here!