As I mentioned in my first message, one of the reasons I was asked to attend this meeting was to join a large 20-person delegation from Washington University to make a presence on Aging, at this international gerontology conference.  I am presenting a paper here on some of my aging work, in a session chaired by my Dean, Eddie Lawlor.  All of the rest of my colleagues are also presenting papers.  My Chancellor Mark Wrighton came over, and we had a discussion about starting a Global Aging Initiative, and we held that meeting Saturday.  It was highly productive.  Below are some pictures of the Chancellor making some excellent opening remarks.  He was followed by my Dean, Eddie Lawlor, also pictured below.  The meeting was attended by perhaps 50 or more scholars from around the world, almost entirely from partner Universities who are in the McDonnell Scholars program that Washington University runs.  It is a great program that allows stellar students from these countries to apply to our masters or doctoral programs, and if accepted they get full rides to these programs.

Shirley participated in the day's events as well and we found the discussions and talks very fascinating.

We were exhausted by the end of the day though -- at least I was.  Probably still from jet lag.  So I came back to the room and crashed immediately, and slept through dinner time and into the next morning!