There has been, to a great extent, a partisan divide over the Michael Brown case, and Ferguson issue.  I don’t think there should be, but sadly, that is the world we seem to be in these days.

But today, as we heard about the sad results from the Eric Garner case, and one more incident where officers’ actions led to the death of an African-American man, I heard reaction to Garner's case on a so-called "right-wing" station. I was struck by the comments, and it led me to these thoughts, which perhaps should be obvious.

Everyone who believes in the civil liberties of people should agree, and be outraged, it seems to me by aspects of both the Garner and Brown cases, if they think about it.

In the Eric Garner case, we have a person who lost his life while being arrested for a very minor infraction because excessive force was applied.

This is also what happened in the Michael Brown case.  Even if we believe the officer knew that Brown was a suspect in a burglary (which is possible), he applied excessive, lethal force, which led to Brown's death.

So in other words – from a civil liberties point of view – two young men had the worst possible civil liberty violation done to them – because after all, their lives were taken from them.

It seems that those who believe strongly in civil liberties, as I do, should be deeply disturbed by these outcomes.  So-called “Libertarians” should also be upset as well, and to his credit, apparently Rand Paul is upset about both of these cases, showing he is consistently and correctly applying his libertarian point of view.

It perplexes me, then, why all libertarians cannot agree on this issue.

Because, after all, as Martin Luther King said,
“injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”