It is only the third week of the Trump Administration, but we have witnessed an almost unprecedented wave of protests against the new administration. These protests started literally on the day after the inauguration, with one of the largest rallies ever recorded, spanning the whole globe, the "Women's March" which started in Washington DC but spread to most major cities in the U.S. and many cities across the globe (a reported 3-4 million marching across the U.S.).  

The protests continued in the second week of Trump administration after the ban on travel was announced by refugees and non-citizens, with nearly spontaneous protests occurring at airports across the U.S. and at the White House.

I am thinking that we should call this the "AMERICAN SPRING." Why?

In the 2010-12 period a series of protests spread across Arab countries, demonstrations that were often "organic" and large led by the "people", very democratic.  They demanded change from the regime, which they said were following oppressive practices. Sometimes these demonstrations even led to the overthrow of governments (in Tunisia, Egypt).  These protests became called the "Arab Spring".  What connected these demonstrations were the democratic nature of them but also how "social media" also often if not usually fed these protests.

This is why I am thinking the "American Spring" may be a good name for what is happening in the U.S. right now. I have seen the protests fed by social media -- messages sent from person to another on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.  The protests are in almost all cases nonviolent and very democratic, in the sense that the crowds include many types of people from many movements.  Since we are in the third week of the Trump administration the protests don't seem to letting up at all yet.  As we move from the winter to the spring, where will the "American Spring" end?