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A holiday wish for St. Louis and beyond

Posted by Timothy McBride on Thursday, December 25, 2014, In : Ferguson 

These past few months have been difficult ones for the St. Louis region. On Christmas morning I find myself reflecting on that, as well as the gifts I personally have, but also my thoughts and prayers for the future for our region.

While there are indeed many people in the St. Louis region who have been hurting these past few months -- from the victims of the violence, to law enforcement officials, to concerned citizens -- that very visible pain and suffering can often mask the real story.

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Why all Civil Libertarians should agree on the Garner and Brown cases

Posted by Timothy McBride on Thursday, December 4, 2014, In : Ferguson 

There has been, to a great extent, a partisan divide over the Michael Brown case, and Ferguson issue.  I don’t think there should be, but sadly, that is the world we seem to be in these days.

But today, as we heard about the sad results from the Eric Garner case, and one more incident where officers’ actions led to the death of an African-American man, I heard reaction to Garner's case on a so-called "right-wing" station. I was struck by the comments, and it led me to these thoughts, which...

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