Selected links to health policy, economics and other news articles, 1/27/13:

The Public's Health Care Agenda for the 113th Congress

Many Medicaid Patients Could Face Higher Fees Under a Proposed Federal Policy

Despite Incentives, Doctors’ Offices Lag On Digital Records

New insurance plan pits hospitals vs. employers

Harkin health bill orders stack of federal prevention efforts

Medicare eyes hospital readmissions

Rural physician shortage threatens ACA

WellPoint Earnings Rise 38%

Care Management Reduces Hospital Admissions/Readmissions for Chronically Ill, Vulnerable

Smokers Lose 10-Plus Years of Life

Immigration fallout from saying no to 'Obamacare'

Deficit Hawks Down

Poll finds broad support for Medicaid expansion

States hustle to modernize Medicaid

Much work remains on Medicaid upgrades, survey finds

Penn team focuses on social media as a health research tool

The Public's Policy Agenda for the 113th Congress