You must think I am kidding.  Earlier I wrote about how the Irish folks, and Dublin folks are obsessed about Garth Brooks, and how he was supposed to come here, and originally supposed to do three concerts in an outside park here, then the organizer got him to agree to five concerts.  Then they sold something like 400,000 tickets for these concerts.  When the organizer found out he could not get a permit for all five concerts, and the government objected, Brooks said it was either five concerts or none, and the controversy started.  Listening to the radio here it was the headline story every day.  No economic news, and we barely heard of the war starting in the Middle East.  We occasionally heard of car crashes and stalled cars in other parts of the country, and only when there was a big cabinet shuffle did the Brooks news get pushed off the top of the news. 

It was all quite fascinating.

So when I landed here in Dublin, and started partaking in my conference, on the first day we were in meetings all day.  At one point we took a break and walked into the hall, and heard a protest outside.  We looked out the window and heard people chanting and saw them marching.  I said "how cool -- great to see a protest.  It's probably over the war in the Mideast.  Maybe I will join them!'

Later Shirley told me she had to show me her pictures because the protest, of course was over Garth Brooks, and the concert not coming here.  See the pictures.  What they were chanting was things like "Justice for Garth Five".  Oh my.  You cannot make this up!