We returned to Dublin on July 11th after driving around Ireland for several days.  We spent no time in Dublin before we left so when we got to Dublin, it was quite an experience.  Dublin is not like any other part of Ireland of course.  Where the rest of Ireland is serene and peaceful, Ireland is a major metropolitan city, bustling, busy and never stops.  The rest of Ireland will remind you of what you picture – scenes from movies like QUIET MAN, and most of the towns (except perhaps Cork or a few others we saw) were quiet, slow, and gentle.  

Dublin reminds me more of London or Paris or New York (without the skyscrapers) than it does the rest of Ireland.  Dublin is busy, noisy, fast, old and fast-paced. 

The people are more cosmopolitan, more diverse (we saw for the first time some people of color).  There are many young people on the streets having a good time (maybe too much a good time).

There are many pubs, shops and buildings that are fascinating.  There is a street near us that is always bustling and sports street performers.  Some of them are quite good like these I captured in the video.  Watch closely, and it may take a couple views to catch the older lady shaking their hand.

Every few feet in some places are some street musician (often not very good).  There are many restaurants, of almost any variety you seek.  We ate at a great Thai restaurant with our great buddies from IHEA depicted here: Bill Swan and his son Cameron, Patrick Taylor, and Chris Martin.

There is a great diversity of buildings that can fascinate you as you walk the streets and come across them.  These buildings which we loved were right across the street from the Irish Stock Exchange. J

There is an endless stream of interesting people in Ireland.  Today Shirley was touring.  She stopped for lunch, and while there an elderly fellow she thinks was in his 80’s pulled up next to her and struck up a conversation.  They talked for an hour.  He told her about Irish history, architecture, literature, many things.  Eventually, she asked to take his picture (a selfie, see below).  I think that startled him.  When they parted he told my Bonnie Bride, “Same time next year my dear!” J