As I have written about here, Shirley and I are in Ireland to present papers and participate in the International Health Economics Association (IHEA) conference here in Dublin. On Tuesday night the conference organizers planned a plenary talk at the gorgeous National Concert Hall, then we took buses for a celebration at the amazing Guinness Storehouse, home of Guinness.

As you will see they know how to run an event.  Not only is the venue historic and gorgeous, providing stunning views of Dublin, it provides you a great overview of the brewing company and process (which is of course the  point!).

But the beer is great of course if you like beer which most people do.  And, yes, folks, many of you know I do not drink for a couple of reasons ... mostly my migraines, and more or less have not had an alcoholic drink in 30 years... until this moment pictured here.  I drank parts of two Guinness beers and enjoyed them (and.  note to my son Pierce, maybe it does just taste better over here).

Do note that the bartender is so good that he was able to draw a shamrock in the suds at the top of Guinness! Wow.

One of the truly great parts of the event was hanging with friends old and new, as you will see.  we spent a lot of time with the truly delightful Jayani Jayawardhana from the University of Georgia who Shirley and I really find a great person.

Also pictured below is the brilliant Dennis Scanlon, who is also a great guy (with our friend Chris Taylor from IHEA in the background).  

We also enjoyed the company of many others at the party, too numerous to me mention here.  one thing I told Shirley is that a little secret that is out there known to many of us, now known to her is that the nicest group of economists by far are health economist, I am convinced (but please don't tell too many of the usual suspects because it will spoil the party.