Persistent reports on the impact of the rollout of the new insurance options for 2014 under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have fixated on the enrollments in the new Marketplaces, where private plans are being offered. 

Why is it that the media is not reporting widely the TOTAL number of previously uninsured who are obtaining coverage through all sources, including the marketplace plans as well as Medicaid coverage?

The recent updates from Kaiser show that over 741,000 people are now enrolled, and this is an underestimate because Kaiser has obtained updates from only six of the state-based programs (thus, an update from all 51 states and D.C. would yield larger numbers).  Of the 741,543 enrolled, 522,089 are enrolled in Medicaid (the number mostly ignored by the media when it fixates on the Marketplace plan enrollments). (see table at link or below)

The reports show that in the five states reporting enrollment updates (CA, KY, MD, NY, WA) has nearly doubled overall from 251,945 to 489,927, and enrollment in marketplace plans has nearly tripled (up 171% from 65,729 to 177,883).  See table for full results.