It has occurred to me that in all the news reports I have seen, with many Republicans out front and center attacking the rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), one person I have not seen speaking about it is Paul Ryan.  I wonder why this is the case.  But I have a hypothesis.

Ryan made a Medicare Exchange the centerpiece of his policy changes to Medicare in his proposal outlined in "Path to Prosperity" (see pages 39-40 of the document at the link).

It has been pointed out before, most notably by Alice Rivlin, that Ryan's plan relies on an approach to reform of Medicare that is very similar to the Marketplaces in the Affordable Care Act.  So the dilemma he faces is: if I attack the Marketplaces, won't that be an implicit attack on my own Medicare policy proposal?  Perhaps he knows that it's too early to declare the ACA's marketplaces a "failure" as many have leaped to conclude; and perhaps he knows that if these Marketplaces don't do well his policy is dead on arrival.  

I expect Ryan is smart enough to know it's too early to declare a failure the concept of Marketplaces to sell private plans (which was a proposal that came from the Heritage Foundation in the first place)