Those of us in Missouri, and who follow the Medicaid expansion debate closely, know that a couple key turning points that happened (in public at least) were when, first, a handful of Republican Senators (led by Sen. John Lamping) took to the floor right after their Spring break and declared their solid opposition to the Medicaid expansion, and vowed to fight this even to the point of filibusters. Shortly after that, one of Sen. Lamping's colleagues, Sen. Ryan. Silvey took to the floor and engaged Lamping in one of the most fascinating debates about Medicaid, the safety net and the role of government I have heard in years. It got rather heated at points, before the Senate leader cut it off.

The Missouri Legislative session ended last week without passing a Medicaid expansion.  Lo and behold, Lamping and Silvey took to Twitter yesterday, and started engaging in what I will call the "Great Lamping-Silvey Debate II". Three others jumped in at points -- a columnist from the Kansas City Star, Barbara Shelly, the editorial page editor from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Tony Messenger, and a conservative blogger, Duane Lester. I did screenshots of most of the tweets, just in case they disappeared :-).  It all started with Sen. Lamping commenting on Speaker Diehl's talk, in this tweet:

To this, Barb Shelly jumped in and responded:

Lamping responded:

Around this time, Sen. Silvey then jumped in and started the great Lamping-Silvey debate II:

Lamping denied the goal was a filibuster:

This was too much for Sen. Silvey, who fired back:

The great Lamping-Silvey debate continued.  I will post more later. It ended eventually when Silvey posted this amusing tweet:

I will post more later from the Silvey-Lamping debate,(with posts also by Shelly, Messenger and Lester).  it is a window into Missouri politics, and the Medicaid expansion debate, and the values and politics driving all this.