There has been much hyperbole in the press about the "failure" of "Obamacare" because of the problems with the federal website.  The focus on this website and perhaps few enrollments through this website and many mentions of this seems odd given that in 17 states individuals will enroll through state-based Marketplaces.

The Kaiser Foundation is reporting preliminary data on these state-based Marketplaces on their website, at least for 15 of these states.  They report that 227,810 people have enrolled and over 290,000 applications have been completed.  Some states are having quite a good amount of success: Kentucky, which has enrolled over 32,000 people; Washington which has enrolled over 55,000 people, and New York which has enrolled over 37,000 people.

I also have produced a table summarizing the Kaiser data, much like their data but with some additional summary statistics.

I have to wonder why the press has fixated on the federal website and declared the ACA a "failure" based simply on the problems with, and is not focusing on the state-based exchanges.  Based on the numbers I am computing, in these states, the uninsured rate has already dropped by 5% in Kentucky and Washington, and 2% overall in the 15 states that have reported data, in one month.