There are now several places tracking and reporting numbers enrolled in the state-based Marketplaces.  For example, the New York Times this morning reported on what is happening in the state-based Marketplaces which are generally working better than the much-maligned federal Marketplace (  

I have put together a table to compare the estimates from the New York Times, Avalere, and Advisroy Board, all that are reporting numbers on a semi-regular basis.  Just to be clear, not all states are reporting numbers apparently (especially the big ones of California and Massachusetts).  So the numbers reported are for a subset of the states (about 11 of the states).

As the table shows, there is some congruence in the numbers reported, but some big differences.  The NYT reports 365,400 enrolled, of which 309,000 have enrolled in Medicaid, and 56,100 in private plans.  Avelere reported on the number in private plans (49,100) and Advisory Board has been tracking total enrollment (and has a total of a little over 195,000.  

Note that, based on these partial figures, in the states reporting this is a reduction in the uninsured of about 5%.