Well, one of the pictures below depicts items that gained a lot of attention and led to passage of legislation in the Missouri Legislature this session (which ends tomorrow).

On the top are hundreds of uninsured persons (and there are at last count about 877,000 uninsured persons in Missouri). On the bottom are pictures of Turkey, Duck and Goose EGGS. 

You guessed it! House Bill542 passed, which has this important change in it: "Section 196.311 RSMo, (6) "Eggs" means [eggs in the shell from] the shell eggs of a domesticated chicken[s], turkey, duck, goose, or guinea that are intended for human consumption;"

Before, only Chicken eggs were included before but now we can rest, because we have equal access for Turkey eggs, Goose Eggs, Duck Eggs or guinea.  

But the Legislature has not passed a Medicaid expansion, which would have helped an estimated 260,000 uninsured persons below 138% of the poverty line. So I guess in Missouri there will still be no access to health insurance for the those uninsured persons.