As is being reported in some media outlets, in November the enrollment in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) may be accelerating.  

This is being shown by preliminary data reported by the Kaiser Family Foundation, which is tracking state enrollment where it can get regular updates from the states.

In the three states where Kaiser has new updates since the administration released the nationwide report (of enrollment through November 2), there is a 28% increase in enrollment of 36,641 persons.  It breaks down this way:

Kentucky: up 6,310 (through 11/8)
New York up 7,856 (through 11/12)
Washington up 22,475 (through 11/7)
Total up 36,641 (increase to 539,087)

Of these increases, 11,669 have newly enrolled in Marketplace plans (up 40%) and 24,972 have newly enrolled in Medicaid (up 25%).  The current totals enrolled in Marketplaces are 117,854 and in Medicaid, 421,233.

This is quite rapid growth in just about 6-10 days.

Although not reported in Kaiser's data, media reports also suggest that the enrollment in the troubled federal Exchanges is increasing rapidly too (more than 50,000 people had selected an insurance plan by mid-November, almost double the number for all of October).

This seems to suggest that enrollment growth will escalate over time (as Jonathan Gruber and others have pointed out), and as we saw before the state-based Marketplaces are doing much better at enrolling people (all three of the above are state based Exchanges).