So there is less than three weeks left in the Legislative session. The Missouri Legislature has yet to give Governor Jay Nixon the leading initiative he has asked for the last two years, much to his credit. As a result, the state is losing billions of dollars, losing thousands of jobs, and low-income people still don't have the coverage they need.

Maybe it is time for Gov. Nixon (who after all has always had a huge positive popularity rating) to adopt the strategy that Republican Gov. Jan Brewer adopted in Arizona last year. Faced with a Legislature of her own party that did not deliver her the Medicaid expansion she demanded, Gov. Brewer played hardball and told the Legislature she would veto EVERY piece of legislation that came across her desk until the Legislature delivered her a Medicaid expansion bill to sign. And then she started to do it.

If this strategy worked for Republican Jan Brewer in Arizona, why won't it work for Gov. Nixon who favors the expansion here in Missouri?  Isn't it now time for the Governor to use up some of his well-earned political capital?