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The Unnecessary Agony of Student Evaluations

Posted by Timothy McBride on Monday, March 4, 2013, In : Miscellaneous 
OK, this is not on health policy or health economics, I know.  But for the academics in the audience I feel compelled to share this.  A fascinating article that will likely ring true, "On the Unnecessary Agony of Student Evaluations", from the Chronicle of Higher Education:

It makes the point I expect all of the professors reading this know: that student evaluatio...
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January Employment Report Upbeat

Posted by Timothy McBride on Saturday, February 2, 2013, In : Miscellaneous 

Although it is not getting as much attention as the top line numbers of the unemployment rate (7.9%, up slightly) and new jobs created (157,000, which was about the number expected, the best news in the January employment report were in the revisions to the November and December jobs reports.  

The Bureau of Labor Statistics added 129,000 jobs to the estimates from those jobs reports so that in November and December 256,000 and 202,000 jobs were created, a total 458,000 jobs, not the previousl...

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More Interesting Analysis from the Employment Report, September 2012

Posted by Timothy McBride on Saturday, February 2, 2013, In : Miscellaneous 

There has been a lot of excellent analysis written on the employment report today.  Of course, as always, much of the best quick-turn around analysis has appeared on the "Wonkblog" by Ezra Klein and his colleagues:

The young are leaving the Labor Force and the Old are flocking to it: 

Discouraged workers are NOT why unemployment rates fell

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