Sometimes it amazes me how pundits seem to not either understand math, polls, or perhaps pretend not to do so.

Case in point:  pundits seem hyperbolic these days about President Obama's job approval ratings, saying how "historically low" they are, and how he is experiencing the "worst period" of polling in his presidency.  Evidence of this?  They cite just one data point, that the President has a low job approval rate of roughly 40-42%, depending on the poll.  Sounds not that great, right?

Well.  What these pundits don't tell you are a few things:

So in other words, conservatives have always hated President Obama, liberals have always liked him, and moderates always been lukewarm.  Hardly anything has budged this his entire Presidency.  

Why have pundits not understood this?  Hmmm.  Probably because it doesn't sell newspapers and doesn't make headlines.